Christmas gifts for parents/kids!

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  1. #1 Nov 18, 2012
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    I know it's still November, but I wanted to ask everyone what they're planning to give this Christmas to their family, parents, and/or kids :biggrin: I need some inspiration on what to get the family. I feel like we're all content with what we have, but I wanted to get some ideas ~
  2. I guess I will go first ;)

    - same thing as every year - German specialties that I will send to the US

    - a chicken rack thingy for the oven
    - dunno what else yet

    - NO IDEA!


    Nicole (9)
    - a wall-charger for her iPod
    - something from Playmobil

    Julia (5)
    - something from Barbie
    - clothes / books

    Alex (3)
    - more tools to go with his work bench ;)
  3. My Paternal Grandmother:

    I bought her a blanket with a nativity scene on it.


    I always buy him CDs. I bought him Rubber Soul by The Beatles.

    Two Cousins:

    They each got a five dollar Barbie doll & a five dollar Disney Princess.
  4. Hubby - Coach wallet, clothes, and things for his smartphone and laptop

    grandmother - coach umbrella

    mother - vera bradley wristlet, she mentioned wanting one awhile back

    Father - Shirt from Ralph Lauren he had picked out

    Father in Law - I'm doing a hot chocolate basket. It will have mugs, hot chocolate recipes, different types of chocolates, peppermint sticks, marshmellows, and hot chocolate mix.

    I will also be giving tins of home made Christmas candies and goodies out to everyone on my list.
  5. DH:
    iPad mini

    iPod touch in pink

    Gift card to his favorite sporting store

    Combined for my parents:
    Gift card to a local steakhouse

    Gift card


    In laws:
    Gift card to restaurant
  6. DH:
    Google Hub
    Christmas slippers

    Son: (9 yo)
    board games
    video game
    basketball shoes
    soccer shoes

    No idea lol

    Board games