Christmas Gifts for Men

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  1. So, what are you guys getting the men in your lives for Christmas? I'm having SO much trouble finding a gift for my boyfriend, it's ridiculous!!! Maybe you ladies can spark some ideas...
  2. i'm having a lot of trouble as well. i'm leaning toward a nice, classic black blazer. i was going to get him a pair of chrome hearts sunnies but when he tried them on he didn't like them as much.
  3. hehehe if only i'm fully loaded with money always, then i can buy whatever i know he wants :yahoo: hehe this christmas i'm gonna buy him maybe a men's cologne and a big kiss :love: its the thought that counts and most of all, as long as u really love each other and want the best of each other, give what you can give and appreciate what he gives in return.. :wlae:
  4. This year was easy, I just bought my hubby all new riding gear and helmet for his dirtbiking hobby.
  5. don't buy them a wallet! i've noticed that men have a strange affinity for their ruined, stained, beat up wallet. i do like to buy guys cologne like burberry london becuase I LOVE that smell on guys LOL.

  6. I got my boyfriend Burberry London. He just wanted it because he liked the bottle?! Hahahaha..guys...:shrugs:
  7. bought DH the Gucci beltbag he's eyeing for quite some time already :yes:
  8. I'm so glad someone posted this-

    Some ideas for you: allows you to "customize" a pair of shoes for him; there's this thing called a "slingbox" that allows you to watch your own tv on your cell phone (your guy has to be kinda computer savy to hook it up, but my boyfriend has it and other guys always freak out over it); tickets to a concert; or sports event; ipod does free engraving; bose noise cancelling headphones; wireless speakers
    I'm at such a loss.. i wanted to get him a place at the "Playboy Poker Camp" but it's almost $6000!:nuts: any ideas around the $500-$1000 range would be greatly appreaciated (and he has season football/basketball tix)
  9. I have said this before, I love event based gifts alot....

    Other 'things' cologne, golf (or other sports equipment), wallet (my dad looks forward to a new one each year), dvds, cds.
  10. I am getting my dad a set of cuff links from tiffany and i am getting my boyfriend the Nintendo Wii.. It will be a belated present for my boyfriend since the wii is not out yet(in Singapore)..
    If i have the money, i'll probably get the Wii for my bro-in-law too :P
    For my BF's 2 male colleague, i got 1 of them a "David and Goliath" tee and the other a Nike wristband watch..
  11. I got my SO a ZUNE by Microsoft. :smile:
  12. My bf's birthday is two days before Christmas, and so I think this is what I'm getting him for both:

    a GPS system
    soccer warm up pants
    a few DVDS off his wishlist
    Marc Jacobs cologne
    the new Bose in-ear head phones
    a straight edge razor for shaving

    I really want to get him a new cell phone because his is from 1999:yucky: but he's being really stubborn, and doesn't want to get rid of it.
  13. I was thinking about getting him SIRIUS radio for his car. Does anyone else have this? Do you like it?
  14. MY DH wants a nice scarf and pair of gloves to wear for "dress up". He also wants a La-z-boy recliner!!

    For his b-day (dec. 2nd) I got him a nice leather organizer box from Pottery Barn to keep on his dresser top so he won't be constantly losing stuff.
  15. This is an AWESOME gift!! My DH got me XM Radio for my b-day a couple of years back--it's the gift that keeps on giving.