Christmas Gift

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May 1, 2009
Hello people of this forum,

My predicament:
My girlfriend loves Balenciagas. She nearly drools at blessed passerbys adorning their beloved bag. Now, for Christmas, I would like to get her one, but it is, presumably, out of my budget (~$700).

I have spent months looking at used ones, and although there are some within my budget, I have yet to find one that is worth the money.

She also knows that I am unable to spend much, and would rather that I don't, so she suggested that I stop trying and instead by her a fake. I know you, Pursebloggers, hate fakes (or so I would assume from the sticky:, so I come to you for suggestions.

Should I give up? Am I wrong about your abhorrence of replicas?

Yes, it is nonsensical to spend $600 on a replica (Worst case scenario, I buy a replica for ~$150), but I cannot muster up the additional $300 for a real bag. Being a college student makes it difficult to provide her this one gift.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.