Christmas Gift Turns Out To Have Been Used As An Urn

  1. (From KTVK 3TV Phoenix)

    One Valley woman's Christmas gift turns out to have been used as an urn for a Mesa woman's ashes.

    Talk about a bizarre Christmas gift, Ashley Pulkins opened up a set of ceramic canisters only to find out that one of those canisters had been used as an urn.

    Ashley Pulkins was thrilled with the set of ceramic canisters that her mom bought her for Christmas. But when she pulled them out of the box, "they were really dusty in the plastic, so I wanted to clean them."

    That's when Ashley noticed something on one of the canisters that gave her the chills. "I was left with this little message that this was the cremated remains of a woman. Not very long ago and I thought it was a joke."

    It was no joke, although the canister was empty, it had a label from the Mission Crematory in Mesa, the name on the label "Rosemary Dechon". She was cremated on July 12, 2007. Ashley's friends call the funeral home to confirm.

    Christina Higginbothan, Ashley's friend stated, "They called me back to confirm the sticker on the bottom of the canister was a real sticker and it was a real client of theirs."

    Ashley's mom bought the set at JCPenny's store at Superstition Springs Mall.

    "Talk about a bizarre Christmas story," Ashely's mom states. Today, the mother and daughter duo went back for a new set.

    "They said we'll just exchange it, no questions asked, they got the store manager to come out and gave me a gift certificate," Ashley states.

    "They're very, very kind. Very kind, very apologetic," adds Ashley's mother.

    A spokesperson for the Mission Crematory in Houston confirmed that the woman's family provided the canister for the remains but who returned the set of canisters to JCPenny is still a mystery.

    "The fact that they would return it, it's wrong. They shouldn't have done that. They should have kept it," Ashley adds.

    A spokesperson for JCPenny told us that employees always make sure that all merchandise that is returned to the stores is in good shape before it's put back on the shelf. So they aren't sure what happened in this case. As for the woman Rosemary Dechon all we've been able to find out is that she was about 78 years old.

  2. I watched the video. They were pretty canisters.
    I'm thinking maybe the family scattered the woman's ashes and then returned the empty canister.

  3. That's disgusting. The mortuaries here provide cansiters or even just cheap plastic boxes for remains, so I know the family got her in something...

    They sound like cheapskates to me. Put her in a pretty canister for the ceremony then return the canister to the store?? HOW GROSS! Either that or they bought the canisters specifically for the mortuary to put the remains in, then they return them to the store. (I think this is more probable, since the stickers required by law as to the contents were still on the canister.)

  4. ^^ I'm not saying they should have returned the canister . . . because, ew! but I was just giving my theory on what possibly happened.
  5. Oh, yeah, I agree with you... they used the canister to put her remains in, then returned them... NO arguement there!

    I was just saying how the mortuary thing works. You can either purchase something they have for sale to hold the remains, or bring something in of your own. I think they did the later, then decided to get their money back. Gross!

    What's even grosser is it's obvious that the store didn't bother to clean the canisters after they'd been returned. Hard to miss a mortuary sticker!
  6. I don't even think they bothered to open the box.

    (Or if they did, a store employee wouldn't think to check for the mortuary sticker, they would just worry about the item being broken!)
  7. Probably. Like the thread on the Mp3 player or gadget of that ilk holding porn on it.

    Back in my day, stuff was checked carefully before being returned to the shelves. Ah, the good old days... sigh!
  8. Lol, ew. Hopefully those cheapskates scattered her ashes in a decent place. Hopefully not at any Disneyland rides.
  9. Sick
  10. Um. EW. Really. EW.
  11. disgusting. cheapskates.
  12. thats pretty gross.
  13. This is really really bizarre! I'd totally freak out! &&& be scarred for life.
  14. Omg. How incredibly disrespectful and disgusting. The dead womans family should be ashamed of themselves!
  15. What the family did was disrespectful. Not so much to the deceased, because she's probably resting somewhere where she's happy.

    It's disrespectful to the woman who bought the urn as a gift and then to the woman who opened the present.

    Nobody wants an urn.