Christmas gift, limit $300 - suggestions?

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  1. Hi everyone :nuts:

    I've been told by my boyfriend that I can choose a bag for my Christmas gift, up to $300 :graucho: I'm deciding between a few different styles. If I decide to go with LV, I'll have to buy it on eBay, since there isn't much at LV under $300 :P I'm looking for suggestions as to what I can look for on eBay that will usually go for around that price. So far I'm thinking of a used papillon, mini looping, vavin pm... any other ideas? I've also thought about the bucket. How do you bucket owners like yours? I don't think I want a small accessory, since I already have a ludlow (last year's Christmas gift) and a vernis agenda. I also have two LVs, a speedy and a reade pm.

    I'd love to hear of any suggestions you all have. Thanks! :nuts:
  2. I was going to say a Reade PM, but you already have one. Maybe a different color? As far as ebay you can find some vernis bags there, like the Mott, and Reade.
  3. For $300 you can probably buy a Papillon 26 with non-vachetta straps :nuts: I have one and LOVE worries about getting it dirty.
  4. I had a damier papillon 26 (my first LV!), but I sold it because it became too small for my needs :sad: Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Hmm. Can the petit bucket be worn on the shoulder? There are few on eBay for good prices...
  6. Do you forsure want a bag? or how about an awsome LV accessory -- Like a used Koala Wallet or something?
    I hate to see you buy something, just for the sake of buying it -- if you really love LV.
  7. A petite bucket can be worn on the shoulder. I have an epi one and really like it, although the style isn't popular with some tPF members. I don't carry much, so it's a good size for me.
  8. What about Noe?? do you like it??

    You can also get clear/berry inclusion bracelet..
  9. Yeah.. argh... I'm so undecided. So many bags, so little time :rolleyes: I haven't even narrowed it down to LV yet. I'm also looking at a couple of MJ bags, and I saw a gorgeous Coach hobo at Nordstrom yesterday that I was drooling over.

    bagsnbags - I'm not a Noe fan, don't really like drawstring bags. But thanks for the suggestion ;)

    I searched for some info on the mini looping, and I read that the shoulder strap is somewhat uncomfortable. Not cool.

    lvspecial - I already have a ludlow wallet, that's what my boyfriend gave me last year for Christmas. I really like it :smile:
  10. Epi is pretty reasonable these day on ebay.
  11. Oh hmmm :sad:
    I can't think of another bag that you can buy for $300 that's larger than that...most large bags are reasonably priced on eBay for $300-$500. You may have to settle for an Epi bag or just a small accessory!
  12. Something vernis. That's like my eye candy line!
  13. Epi is definitely reasonable on eBay lately. Or maybe a Sonatine? The older ones go for an okay price lately.
  14. How about the Pastilles Key Chain? It can double up as a Mistletoe for X-Mas :lol:
  15. ^yes yes yes Pastilles Key Chain...sooooo lovely!!