Christmas Gift Ideas - Hot Board Game this year???


Love Your Polish
Sep 2, 2006
Twin Cities, MN - SoCal native
My cousin (who is 32) asked for a board game for Christmas. She said her and her SO have been having game night with their friends.

Any ideas on what the hot board game will be this year?? Or has anyone recently bought a game and think it's fun for a group to play.

Thanks for the help!


Jan 13, 2006
i love cranium! it's pretty old though so they probably already have it. the bf and i recently started playing scrabble.

i have a bunch of the scene its. those are great for groups. and of course, taboo and scattergories are also fun for groups. i'm sorry i don't know of any hot new games out right now.

i've been thinking of holding my own game night. sounds like a lot of fun