Christmas gift help - Coach Hamptons Leather Signature Pouch?

  1. Ladies, I'm looking for some advice on a Christmas gift for my dear sis. I would like to get her a small, leather Coach bag for everyday use. She uses the one I got her years ago every day. I don't remember the name except it looks like the Soho small hobo in a light brown color. No-monogram if possible, subtle is OK. I found this one (Hamptons Leather Signature Pouch) on the Coach Web site:

    Does anyone have any opinions about this bag? Is it too small for daily use? Or any other bags you would recommend instead? Thank you! :love:
  2. For me it would be too small....but thats just me :confused1:
  3. The pouch in the original post is just too small for everyday use, IMHO. I had ordered it during the last 25% coupon sale, and when it arrived I was pretty shocked at how small it was, and returned it to the store. That is partly why I don't like ordering as much, even though the stores always will do it with free shipping to my house, because I'm not as confident I will like the item, and I don't want to return stuff excessively.
  4. I have a friend who uses this style bag for everyday and it works for her, however I wouldn't be able to fit that over my shoulder.