Christmas gift help at Coach outlet! THANKS!

  1. I am heading to the Coach outlet in San Marcos this Saturday and I am planning to get Christmas gifts for my Sister-in-Law (46 years), Step-Mother (59 years) and a Niece (23 years).

    I would just love some ideas about what styles/colors I should look for each person!?! I am not sure what is most popular with Coach and want to make sure I get them each something they will enjoy as nothing will be returned!?! Pictures would REALLY be appreciated because I don't know the names of the bags!

    If it helps we are going to the San Marcos, Texas outlet! Reading the information about it appears there are different items at each outlet!

    :flowers: :flowers: Thanks SO MUCH in advance! :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Before leaving, you must know if they are satchel or shoulder bag carriers, whether they like an open-zip top - or other, what size & material bags they like, etc.
  3. Well, I can't ask my step-mother as she is on a 2-week Hawaii cruise with my dad! I have seen her carry a shoulder bag with a zipper though!?!

    My SIL mainly carries hand-held bags but has never carried any type of designer bag so I am thinking this will be her first!

    My niece would probably like whatever. She is pregnant though so I think a larger bag would be better for her as she will be needing to carry a ton when the baby comes!
  4. How about a baby bag for your niece? They make some gorgeous ones in some colors that would be nice for a girl or a boy, and she can use it as the baby gets older too.
  5. Oh that would be GREAT! I can't believe I didn't think about that! Do you know if the they sometimes have those at the outlets?

    The reason I am asking all these questions is because sometimes I know you can call in advance to the outlets and have items held for you!