Christmas gift from my awesome parents!

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  1. My stepmom and I went shopping yesterday. We stopped at Dillard's, and I saw the Coach bag I've been wanting since I drooled over it at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago - Coach - COACH SOHO SIGNATURE LARGE HOBO

    I tried it on, along with about 6 other bags. She and I decided that this one looked the best on me. Then, she mysteriously sent me away to go find her sister, who had come with us but was in another section of the store.

    :nuts: !!!!! When we met up again, she was carrying a Dillard's bag! I just love the chocolate brown color, it looks gorgeous with the silver hardware, and it's super comfy on the shoulder. I am going to Coach to buy a charm for it sometime soon :supacool:

    Just wanted to share! I won't get it until Christmas, but I'll be sure to post pictures :nuts:
  2. i was JUST going to buy that same bag about an hour ago at dillards! great minds think alike!
  3. I own a baby leather hobo! Good choice you will just love it and the charm you pick will look great. Even some of the keyfobs look nice hanging on bags.
  4. I love that bag! What a great gift!
  5. I really like the piggy-shaped charm. So cute, and it's only $28 or so.

    Thanks, guys! :heart:
  6. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag.
  7. Great bag, and what great folks you have!:smile:
  8. Wow, what a nice mom!! I loooove the chocolate Signature! Be sure to post pics after Christmas!
  9. Piggy charm would look cute! I get so confused when I go into the store and have to choose.
  10. Mmmm, the chocolate signature is my favorite!! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!! :wlae: The chocolate signature is yummy!
  12. congrats cris! hmmm maybe i should rethink this bag, the smaller one was on sale in bloomies..
  13. That's awesome :smile:
  14. Congratulations! Gorgeous bag!
  15. Congrats! YAY!