Christmas Gift for your LV SA.


Oct 17, 2006
Recently developed a really good relationship with my LV SA.

I used to just go to anyone who was free but Jaya has been the best so far and greets me by name when I just walk into the store regardless of whether she is with a customer or not! :yahoo:

She's the sweetest thing ever and knows my exact taste.

I was wondering, since Christmas is coming up and all.

Is it alright to send her a small Christmas gift? I was thinking of a small gift hamper? Or should I just stick with a Christmas card?

Do you send them anything? Ideas would be great!
I gave my SA a mecca voucher & some flowers ...gave the rest chocolates and a Lush hamper...I also ensured I gave the doorman a thank you gift as he is such a lovely man:heart: Depends on your relationship with the manager & SA;) Plus we don't celebrate Christmas so they were thank you/appreciation gifts.
I was just thinking of this. I was going to send a Christmas card...I'm worried about mailing something and it melts, etc. He is a Saks LV and apparently their internal mail department is very slow.
I think a little gift basket would be a wonderful idea! Especially since it does look like you really really appreciate what she has done.. thats really generous of you! Let us know what you send!
great at least I got a few ideas!

am off shopping (again *blush*) and will pick something up from the department store then probably head over if I have the time and pass it to her.
I gave my SA a box a chocolates shaped bottles filled with various brands of liquer. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to get my LE items, VIP gifts and invites.....