Christmas gift for mom?

  1. hey guys... I am really stuck here... She is soo hard to shop for and was wondering what you guys got?

    I won a pair of Valentino shoes on eBay... They will be here in a few days and I will take pics...hopefully I made the right choice!
  2. Well, my mom can be difficult as well. I buy what she needs, but does not realize she needs. This year, she is getting three pairs of lounge/velour kind of pants for around the house, three sweaters for work, two different body washes, some makeup, and a magazine subscription.

    What about tickets for you and your mom to go to a play, concert, etc., or tickets for her and a friend to go, if you don't live close? If you went w/ her, take her to a nice dinner or if buy for her and a friend, get them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant near where they are going to make a night of it. Spa or salon gift certificates would likely be appreciated also, if your mom tends to buy whatever she needs/or is difficult to purchase for.
  3. I get my Mom & Dad the same thing every year...a personalized calendar with pictures of our own family. Then a joint type of movie tickets and gift certificate to a nice restaurant.
  4. Ohhh sounds yummy! I got my mom a pair of Ferragamos when I won $350 on a slot machine..this year I think she wants Burberry something- we'll see..gonna see if I win some money again!
  5. Thanks guys... I hope I made the right decision and maybe I will throw in a dinner for her and a friend thanks elizat!
  6. My man and I got my mom a pretty purple Burberry scarf for her to wear to work.
  7. An LV Shall she can also use as a scarf, and I also get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa for a few massages.:tup:
  8. You cant go wrong with a handbag!
  9. Shoes are a fun gift! I got my mom a Gucci heart-shaped coin purse. I bought it MONTHS ago and I almost forgot and got her something else!
  10. i think it depends on what your mom likes. i'd give her something that she needs or would use.

    for my own mother, i tend to give purses for birthday/x'mas. can't go wrong with that. i guess i got the love for purses from her :p. earlier this year, i got her a red bearn wallet and white caviar clutch as her birthday present. i've also given her shoes before, but i find it harder cause some don't fit properly. i got her a pair of jimmy choo's 2 years ago and they didn't fit her properly, so they've just been sitting in the box. i've given her a silk scarf before too, but since she paints her own scarves (she's picked up painting on silk as a hobby) she prefers to wear her own. spa gift certificate doesn't really work as a gift for my mom as she has her own esthetician who comes to my parents' house when needed.

    for my mother in law, i tend to give spa treatments gift certificate, gardening related items (she loves gardening), family photo sessions, etc. my mother in law is not really into designer items (although she has a couple), so i don't want to give her too many designer gifts (don't want to look like the daughter in law who likes to spend money unnecessarily:sweatdrop:)
  11. last year I got her a fendi she always using it so I know what to get her for her birthday but along with the shoes I got her a zanella blazer, shes love that brand so hey im done with gifts for her lol.
  12. I think i'm getting her one of those digital picture frames and movie tix passes....she has soo many pics and she travels a lot, and i know she loves to see her pictures out, so i think the frame thing will be a good idea

    anyone know of which one is good? i'm thinking of a kodak one....