Workplace Christmas gift for boss's boss?


Jan 26, 2006
Hi everyone, I think I posted a thread similar to this last year, but I'm in a bit of a different situation now and need some advice.

Recently, I met my boss's boss in person for the first time. I've been putting in a lot of hours lately and contributing a lot to a big client-facing project, and he took me aside and gave me a very, very generous gift from the company as appreciation for all the extra work I've put in. No one got bonuses this year, and I was asked not to mention it to anyone. My boss also knows about it, and asked me if I had been in to see his boss and smiled, etc. If you've read my other threads about my job and how miserable I've been, this pretty much made me explode with happiness as I finally feel appreciated and noticed for all the work I do. Honestly got a little emotional over it.

But anyway, the point is the gift is so nice that I feel bad not reciprocating. I know it's not a personal thing and it was from the company, but I feel that I want to send them(boss + his boss) some kind of gift. Last year I believe I was told I was not obligated to give my boss a gift though he sent me a small gift card, but this gift is considerably larger to the point that I almost feel guilty. Do you think it would be appropriate to send something? If so, what? I would not be able to give this gift in person as I won't be down in the office again for a few months. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! :smile:
Oct 20, 2008
don't give a gift. think of this as payment for a job well done - something you should have been compensated for. it was not a personal gift and your boss' boss will be reimbursed for it. if you want, send them a heartfelt thank you note - you appreciate the opportunity to work on visible projects, you really enjoyed the work, etc.... believe me, your boss and his boss would much rather have a great work product from you than any gift you can give them.

giving gifts to bosses are so fraught/awkward unless you know them really well. i tend to do it only when i am giving everyone in my group a gift - then i tend to give the bosses something a little better than what everyone else gets.


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Apr 20, 2007
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Totally agree with apey. You were rewarded for your extra effort. A thank you note could be appropriate but you have to be sure that no one opens your boss' boss' mail.


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May 18, 2008
Little Rhody
IMO a card is appropriate and sufficient.. don't mention the bonus just in case his secretary opens his mail.

IF IF IF you really feel you must do SOMETHING... then a baked good that the whole staff can enjoy or a plant for the office.. but definitely not something personal


Jan 26, 2006
Thanks for the responses, I may just send over some baked goods for my team a couple of days before Christmas. I think everyone would appreciate it.


Mar 11, 2010
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I made the mistake of giving my boss a way more expensive gift than she gave me once and was embarassed. I use to send my new boss Sees candies but said several times it wasn't necessary so now I just try to send cards. I did send a small starbucks giftcard but it never made it last year. I think this year I'll just send a nice card.