Christmas Eve miracle update!


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
First of all, thank you for the kind and supportive words! We know we are doing the right thing for this lovely dog (whom we are calling Caesar), but it is good to hear affirmation from my dear friends at tPF.:love:

OK...we called the vet who was listed on his rabies tag the day after Christmas. They said they know the dog and would try to get in touch with the owner. Believe me, my DH and I were both in tears:crybaby: thinking we might have to return our sweetie to a neglectful home. But so far we have not heard anything! :yahoo: The vet's office tells us they have left 3 messages so far. So everyone keep your fingers crossed!! To those of you who suggested we offer to buy the dog from the owner, we have already decided that we will.

Meanwhile, Caesar is gaining strength daily and seems happy to be with us. Our kitties are still wary, but curious. They are making cautious forays downstairs to check out the new guy. They get a little "puffy" but no hissing or spitting so far. Caesar goes on alert when he spies a kitty but has not barked or acted aggressive in any way. It's a plus that his injury keeps him from climbing the stairs so the kitties still have some dog-free space while they get used to the idea.

Right now we are just walking him several times a day but my DH is bringing home a kennel tomorrow and plans to start fencing in the back yard this week. Caesar is clearly used to being outdoors so we want to give him some protected space to roam around in. We have a very large backyard so he will have plenty of room. I have an appointment with our vet for Friday and an appt with a groomer Jan. 4th. His coat already looks better now that he is getting regular meals but he still has a lot of snarls which will need to be clipped out.

That's it so far...thanks again for the encouraging words and please keep praying that we will be able to give this dog a permanent, loving home!:heart: :heart: :heart:
I am praying for you! I so much want Caesar to stay with you! It is so kind and wonderful all the things you are doing for this pup! I know he's in love with you just as much as you are with him. Thinking of you and sending you all my good thoughts.
Awwwww I'm so happy for Caesar!! I hope that he gets to stay with you will make him a wonderful loving family, which it sounds like he so deserves. Thanks for being such generous people and extending your love to an animal that really needs it. What a sweet Christmas Gift for you!!!:love:
Caesar is soo lucky to have found your family! I really hope that the owners havent called back and wont be calling back. And if they do, I think it's only fair that you guys can adopt Caesar free of charge since you've already given so much.

Good luck! Keep us updated!
Aww--it's so wonderful to read about how dearly you love this dog! :heart:

I have found many a stray dog and returned them to their owners wondering if I did the right thing, and wishing I had kept them. It's so difficult to accept that someone would wait days and days before looking for their dog unless they had a really good reason--not that I think there is any excuse for that unless they are in the hospital with four broken appendages!

I look forward to hearing more about "your" new pup, and I hope you get to keep him!
Caesar is super lucky if his new owners will be u guys. I know for a fact u will make his life a million times better. I'm so happy thet u two will most likely be keeping him.
You and your husband are amazing!! It's fantastic that you are both going to such lengths for Caesar to make his stay with you comfortable. I'm so glad you found him!! I hope he is able to find a loving home, or stay with you two (no pressure ;) and lead a happy life from now on.:heart: