Christmas chocolate!

  1. My Bayswater has arrived! It came with great expectations - and lived up to them all and more!!! It´s just gorgeous!

    I tried to post some pictures but I really can´t figure out how. Any tips?

    Now I´m suppused to put the bag back in it´s box and wrap it up for Christmas... Suddenly Christmas is very far away! (Could always clean the house, shopping for presents and so on but feels a bit dull at the moment...)

    Happy, happy, happy!!! ;)
  2. OOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  3. ok,if your posting pics are you using pics already loaded onto your computer?
  4. Hej, Mymlan (I suppose your either Finnish or Swedish...?). Congratulations on a truly beautiful, classic bag. Just hide it under the tree and try to forget about it. If Chaz manages to guide you through pic posting, then we can all enjoy it on the screen instead (I have a written manual for posting pics, courtesy of DH:love:, in case I forget).
  5. OOO in that case feel free to educate!!! Hahaha!!! I'm rubbish!! I'm sat here thinking 'well I'll give it a go,but if its anything slightly different to what I do I'm scuppered'!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  6. I can post pics either from the computer or from camera directly. Simplest way is most likely to succeed due to absolutely no computercompability (me) at all!

    A written manual AND standby duty help is probably what it takes...


    (location is Sweden, nicked the finnish Moomin name from one of our dogs...)
  7. Okay, I'll return to the pic posting advice later tonight, babysitter just arrived, I'm off to do some xmas shopping.
  8. ok, I can put the memory card in the front of my laptop and follow the instructions from there to load them,or from the camera using a usb port and cable (you have to install the software from a disc to do the usb tho)
    Then put them in a file thats easy to remember, choco bag or something like that.
    Then when you write your post,instead of clicking on post quick reply, click go advanced instead.

    When you get on that bit,scroll down and you will find a box called manage attachments,click on that and it will throw up a box that will have some browse boxes in it.

    Click on one of them and it should take you to your files on your computer. Then click on your pictures folder and click the open button at the bottom of the box.If you have a lot of folders they will all appear with the names underneath. Click on the one you want using your mouse cursor,then click on open again.
    All the pics in that file will open up.
    Click on the pic you want,and then click open.
    This will bounce you back to the browse boxes.
    Press upload while you are there and then it will upload and tell you when its finished.
    If you want to add another pic,press upload again,and then choose a pic,open,will take you back to browse,click upload,wait,and then you can do it again!!! Or not if you don't want to put anymore pics on!
    When you have finished uploading pics,close the window,it will give you a button at the bottom to do so.
    Then you can either preveiw your post,make any typing adjustments etc and then post!! Or just post straightaway!!

    Quick word tho,make sure your pics are low resolution or the site won't upload them.Just set the pic quality on your camera to the lowest resolution.
    This will give you the option of putting on thumbnails,they are only small but we can click on them to enlarge. You can put only five on per post. And I have no idea how to do photobucket or anything like that!!! I really need to sit down and go through that properly!

    have a practice doing this on the end of a thread somewhere,and when you feel ok with it all,put pics on the ref thread!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx
  9. And on a brighter note,got a new digi camera so will be off to Chesh Oaks when Sophie wakes up and has lunch,she's had a tough morning,had a pneumonia jab and was sooooooooo not impressed,had gone right past her normal snooze time and was being a crank before we even got seen. I am impressed with myself tho,first time I have taken her and sat and held her,instead of running off and leaving her with the nurse!! And Andy has an important meeting today so he could'nt take her for me,and I had to do it as she's quite far behind as I kept wimping out,so MMR next and I think thats it for a bit?
  10. Congrats on the bag! My black bays is wrapped under the tree and I can't wait, so I truly sympathize!!
  11. Sorry, stealing the thread a bit. My symphaties, Chaz, it is quite tough when they're that small. Dunno about the vaccination program over there, here it changes all the time so dunno about that either. This year they introduced flu vaccine as a trial kind of thing for those under 36 months, but we passed since DD had slight cold + I'm afraid such a vaccine would just lower her resistance to any superflus.

    Can you try and take a pic of the Oxford if you see one? I have not totally given up hope on it.
  12. congrats on the new bag mymlan - we'll both be bayswater toting vets soon!!!!
  13. Congrats on the new bag mymlan! How lovely to have a Bayswater sitting under your Xmas tree!
  14. Chaz - Thank you so much for the really useeful guiding! I think I know how to now. And my next task must be learning to take better pictures... Hope your Sophie feels better now. I´m not only a Mulberry newbie but also in hard practice trying to manage a 8 month baby girl. By the way, must remember not let teething babies come near the new bag... were just a little chewing on a corner of the flap, puh!

    flyvetjo - "Bayswater toting vets soon!!!!" I really like the sound of that!:yahoo:

    Now I really must wrap the bag in it´s box and put it away for christmas though it´s hard..

    Thank you all for sharing my joy!!!
    PC180511.JPG PC170517.JPG
  15. OMG- It's gorgeous!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Mulberry!