Christmas Came Early... I'm on cloud nine!!!!


Rue du FB St Honore
Aug 11, 2009
Somewhere over the rainbow
It was a long painful process for me to find the bags on my wishlist. So I had to be long-winded about it....

I went to see my SA every now and then, bugging her for bags, and finally, my wonderful SA, gave me an early Christmas surprise and she became my Orange Santarina and found me my Kelly!!!! :yahoo:

She called me last night to ask me if I want a 35cm Kelly in Rubis PHW or a 32cm Kelly in Iris PHW. I was hesitant as both ain't what I am looking for. So I did a quick search on the reference library (Thank goodness we have TPF!) and goes gaga over it. It was 8pm last night when she told me she is off duty at 9. I had so much wanted to fly down. She had to calm me down and tell me she will keep both for me to see the next day.

So today, I went. I went "WOWWWWWWWWWW!" :nuts::nuts::nuts: when she took out 2 orange boxes, both shrink-wrapped!

I tried both, I like both. I wanted both but I am only allowed to get either. So here's my choice..... :graucho: