Christmas Boots

  1. Got these from my husband for xmas

    What do you think?? Still trying to learn to walk in them but they are so HOT!! Any suggestions for what to wear them with??
    a130_1_sbl.jpeg 55f1_1.jpeg
  2. Just the boots! :graucho: I'm sure DH would love that! Seriously though some jeans and a cute t?
  3. Congrats, those ARE HOTTTTT!!!
  4. They are amazing. Congrats!
  5. Wow, those are hot boots :drool: I wish I could wear something like that, but I'd break a
  6. I love those, but they are so high. They ooze sex appeal.
  7. I totally heart those. Are they Louboutins? They're so gorgeous.
  8. Wowzas :shocked: They are totally hot! How high are they?

    I think they would look great with skirts/tights as well as just jeans. They will def. be the focus of whatever you pair with them ;)
  9. your husband has great taste! They are so beautiful post modelling pics please!
  10. They look like a boot version of the pigalle; very hot.
  11. very sexy!
  12. Those Louboutin Pretty Woman boots are gorgeous. Enjoy them! :smile: