Christmas Bonus....

  1. lets say you just found out you are getting a Christmas bonus...what would you jump on?

    lets say in these ranges

    If you got $500....

    If you got $1,000....

    If you got $1,500......

    what about $2,000.....

    lets pretend its after tax because we all know before tax you will have nothing left of those totals!
  2. Sounds great- I would hit my savings account!!
    Nothing at the moment I want or need..:heart:
  3. i'm using mine for my cc's. i was too good to myself all year. but if i wasn't in debt i would be sorely temped to buy myself a gm cashmere scarf...
  4. okay...lets say you don't need to save or pay cards.....
  5. 500 a tea set
    1000 more of it
    1500 cashmere shawls
    2000+ evelyne
  6. what pattern do you want in the tea set?
  7. $500.... scarf
    $1000.... cashmere shawl
    $1500.... compact wallet
    $2000.....Kelly wallet
  8. lets say in these ranges

    If you got $500.... a very small H coin purse

    If you got $1,000.... a small size H wallet

    If you got $1,500...... a med wallet or a belt

    what about $2,000..... convince DH to give me more funds to get a KP

    lets pretend its after tax because we all know before tax you will have nothing left of those totals![/QUOTE]
  9. Guccigal, great thread! :smile:

    If you got $500....Agenda

    If you got $1,000....A scarf wardrobe

    If you got $1,500......Bracelets

    what about $2,000..... Put it towards the Bolide fund. ;)
  10. :shame:, Me too,:shame:!! I've spent my bonus on clothing already, LOL, and it wasn't H....

    However, I would love to get a new wallet, maybe a smaller one or something to carry CCs -- something like the Clarrisse, is that what it's called??.... I'd love another Massai GM. I also want a cashmere scarf, but just a real scarf, not the ones w/ the patterns that you all like so much -- I need a workhorse scarf up here in Alaska,;) -- oh, and more gloves!~
    Just a few things,:smile:.

  11. If you got $500....
    Enamel bracelet

    If you got $1,000....

    GM cashmere shawl

    If you got $1,500......
    Cashmere blanket

    what about $2,000.....
    Azap long wallet or Medor watch
  12. I actually want the classic Cartier Trinity earrings. The hoops. They are $1900 so that would be my 2k purchase

    $1500, I would get the Chaine d'Ancor (I always spell it wrong) necklace (i'd have to kick in another hundred I think for that)

    $1000 I'd get some nice H shoes

    $500 I'd get an Agenda with the matching tiny pen
  13. $500--roulis bracelet
    $1000--the bracelet & scarves
    $1500--the bracelet and more scarves
    $2000--Cape cod watch
  14. $500 enamel bracelet
    $1000 cashmere shawl
    $1500 cdc belt (actually i have no idea how much these are but here's hoping :lol: )
    $2000 kelly wallet
  15. If you got $500.... small leather item

    If you got $1,000.... CDC bracelet

    If you got $1,500...... Dogon Wallet

    what about $2,000..... money fowards my bolide fund