Christmas BBags (accessories, really) - woohoo!!!

  1. DH and M&D were soooo good to me this year (and every day of year :yes:):

    DH got me the Violet Make-up and M&D got me the Tomato Money plus the Louboutins!!!

    YAY!!!! :woohoo::yahoo::woohoo:




    BTW- both MU and Money are tagged as "chevre" -- if that means anything!! LOL
  2. Those shoes are :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  3. Gorgeous, all of it! I think we need a modeling pic of the shoes!
  4. Love the accesories...the shoes are to die for...
  5. WOW, these are crazy cool - what is this style??? i've never seen this type of detailing on a heel before - incredible leather artistry!!! let's see some modeling pics - i know you must have taken a "few" ;)
  6. I am not sure what the style is :shrugs: All I see is Suede D'orsay with Ties...


    Here is what I was wearing:


    and with the HOT shoes:


  7. Love the shoes!! :drool:
  8. :drool::drool::drool: for each of those items...I love the Tomato, such a luscious red, the violet is as gorgeous ever and I just LOVE those new CLs! Are those heels 100? I am a bit scared of that much height, but they are totally gorgeous!

    edit: just saw the modeling shots! those are some sexayyy heels! Absolutely fabulous!
  9. They are 100 (~4.25 in) and not very hard to walk in at all :yes:

    The platform up front gives them stability and lessens the arch, KWIM???

    These have a bit of slip in the heel though, I think need some of those petals.
  10. Really? That gives me hope! Do you feel wobbly at all? I've only ventured to 85 so far, but I think a pair of Red Very Prives in 100 would look awesome. I'm too afraid to even try on the 100s for fear of falling flat on my face in front of an SA (I am such a clutz, I carry around a firstaid kit with me wherever I I wish I were kidding!)

    Slip in the heels? what do you mean?
  11. If you find the violet clutch and the money wallet missing from your house don't look in my direction:ninja:
    I love the shoes too but I can't wear them!
  12. Those CL are so hot, they look great on you, congragulations.
  13. Very hot.:wtf: Merry x-mas girlie.:yahoo::heart:
  14. love all your christmas gifts! those CLs are hot and sexy. looks fabulous on you. enjoy them all!
  15. I'm not even a "shoe person" but those are stunning!! And of course, your Balenciaga accessories are gorgeous as well!