Christmas at Hermes

  1. Let's see what the company of many orange boxes has in its displays for us this Christmas.

    Here is a little teaser set in the 24 Faubourg window (which is currently being rearranged)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I loved the tiny saddle! The Plume is just beyond beautiful!
  2. :heart:Adore the Noel print:heart: (so much I have scarf and pocket scarf)-thanks for posting the pic. Oh, that Plume!
  3. Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing the pic!
  4. Oh, that plume is just gorg-y. Don't you wish you could do a heist on the window?

    Thanks for the pix Perja.
  5. Wow, thanks for the pics. Love the Noel print!!! And the saddle! :love:
  6. so pretty!
  7. Perja, thanks for sharing! I haven't had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Paris. It must be gorgeous on FSH.
  8. Gorgeous! That red saddle is incredible!
  9. [​IMG]

    "hey, big guy -- someone stole my saddle. have you seen it?"
  10. Enjoy winter in Paris & Hermes.
    So nice.
  11. OMG, that's adorable!
  12. Hilarious, DQ!!
  13. Thanks for sharing, Perja! I love the Noel theme and that cushioned stool is adorable.

    DQ, how cute!!! Oh imagine if that little Hermes saddle was placed on that tiny horse!
  14. Love the saddle! Very cute pic dq also!
  15. So very cute! Love the saddle, love the bag!