Christmas and Bday are just around the corner....shall I treat myself?

  1. Well, the holidays are fast approaching....with that, so is my Bday! (Dec. 29)

    I am not sure if I will be getting any LV from my BF this year (money is tight for him these days as he in in real estate and you know how poor the market is)..allthough he DOES see me prowl TPF everynight (we have side by side pc's at home) and I also have an LV wallpaper on my screen (hehe). So, he knows my LV luv. ;)
    My thoughts are, if I do not receive any LV this Xmas, should I treat myself to something nice? I recently snapped up a Tivoli PM...kind of eyeing the mini lin speedy, perphaps a pochette? Trying to keep it rather small since I just bought a whole bunch of gifts for the Fam! ;)
  2. offcourse! it is your birthday that is THE reason to treat yourself with something!
    have fun shopping :biggrin:
  3. definitely! I say go for the mini lin speedy!
  4. mini lin speedy sounds cute! What about some vernis? Sunset Blvd?
  5. Of course! Go for it ... it's your birthday and you deserve it!
  6. I agree, treat yourself. I have about $400.00 from B-day money that I will spend. I am going to the LV party on Fri. so we will see if they have any good treats. Have fun!!
  7. Of course you have to treat yourself! Just go to the boutique and play with some things! I'm sure you will find something!
  8. Go for it! I always treat myself and see nothing wrong with it.
  9. Go for it...they all are nice items. good luck choosing :smile:
  10. it's your birthday and you definitely deserve to treat yourself... go for it!
  11. It would be a crime if you didn't treat yourself! Do it!
  12. Do it!!! My birthday is the 27th. SO, that was my excuse to treat myself to two Epi Soufflots. One for Christmas and one for the Birthday. They were both pre-loved in good condition in gorgeous discontinued colors and still cost me less than the price of one new one! :tup:
  13. Mini LIn!
  14. Oh my gosh yes!! You deserve it! It's your birthday! I think the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy is divine!!!! Go for it!
  15. oh yeah :roflmfao: try yrself for a long year of hard work...:tup: