Christmas Accessories on Chanel Site

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  1. No idea how to attach the pictures on this computer but you can see it off the Chanel site anyway, but oh my, I love #1 and somehow #4 too.. do you guys think #4 is horribly tacky? but I do love it! Like the charms bag one!

    Am currently in Hong Kong and Chanel here is just to die for. I do want the one that Hillary Duff has that says C H A N E L.. she's always carrying it, no idea what it is called but it is on the celeb sightings thread, and they do have it in stores here. No cabas though =(

    Love the shoes in #8, have seen the bags here but nawh not for me.

    Oh man, can't believe I never really surfed the accessories links before, going back to it, oh oh, Paris 2006 #12 bag too.. what is it? I like it!

    Okay this post would be much better with pictures, but sorry no idea how to attach them with this computer!
  2. The Hillary Duff bag should be called Rock and Chic, it's a really great bag, it's grown on me:yes:
  3. I love some of those accessories, especially the shoes. Wow.
  4. I actually saw the christmas collection in hongkong airport chanel just now.. ok #4 was horrible irl =p

    yeh! hillary duff bag is uber! do like it only in black though, I saw it in cream, didn't quite have that same feeling
  5. if it's the Rock & Chic bag there's other beautiful colors, especially the eggplant color!:heart:
    On the Christmas accessory thread #12 handbag is so lovely.. anyone know how much is the retail price, colours and size?

    Ohh and the shoes.. they are to die for!
  7. oh my, now I'm thinking about how it'd look in eggplant, and omg, I want it!! :biggrin:
  8. Does anyone know how much the sandals are and the bangles in the second pic?
  9. They are nice.