christine's bag collection

  1. [​IMG]

    my small, humble collection.. my :heart: for handbags all started when my boyfriend bought me my first designer purse.. the louis vuitton sonatine :yes:

    from the top - coach signature tote, botkier trigger, burberry blue plaid satchel, coach signature hobo, fendi zucchino bag, louis vuitton sonatine, coach wristlet
  2. Not small at all! Love the burberry and fendi...and I am an LV girl!
  3. that's a cute collection! i like your burberry and botkier bags :smile:
  4. great collection, christine!
  5. great collection!!
  6. Cute...everyone needs a Sonatine in their collection!
  7. I have some nice bags, don't I?? lol!!!! :p

    (just joking OP!)
  8. Ohhh, pretty collection! My mom has the LV Sonatine as well and I have a Coach wristlet similar to yours.
  9. Very nice collection! I LOVE your black tote and trigger bags!

    Look foward to seeing some more adde to your collection! :smile:
  10. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Congrats!! lovely bags! especially the small Fendi:smile:
  12. Not humble at all: Coach, Burberry, LV and Fendi..
    Great variety of bags...and all beautiful.
  13. Very classy collection!
  14. I like that little Fendi. :heart:
  15. Nice