1. Can fellow members help me fine a Christine?

    Thanks in advance:flowers: !
  2. They pop up in the NYC store on occasion. You may want to give them a call.
  3. There was a green one on Luxury Zurich for the longest time but I haven't checked lately.
  4. what is a CHRISTINE?? any pics??
  5. Ditto:heart:
  6. It's a shoulder bag and the front flap is triangular like an envelope. Cute!
  7. here's a pic for reference:

  8. hey, that's cute!
  9. I remember that one on Luxury Zurich as well.
  10. Thanks! That's a cute bag.
  11. I was seriously considering it but then I got my Evelyne. :flowers:
  12. Thanks everyone! There's an olive one at Luxury Zuich but it is gone. I do not fancy the colour very much.

    Does Hermes in NYC ship?
  13. I believe they'll ship the Christine.
  14. I called NYC but no hope. The person who answers the phone said " should have been discontinued"!:crybaby:
  15. Oh no! :crybaby: