Christine Picture?

  1. I cannot find a picture of the Christine bag...I know it's no longer in production but, with all the chat about it, I REALLY want to see it!!!
  2. Chanel,
    it is not the best pic...but you can have an idea.
    it looks like a big envelope:smile:
    H Christine.jpg
  3. Thanks Marbella....I like that bag I see why so many have her
  4. here my christine modelling


  5. :loveeyes:wow:loveeyes:
  6. It's a nice bag, very roomy, i see the odd one or two coming up for sale recently and am often tempted myself, if they were 'my' colour i probably would.
  7. Oh wow, I've never seen one of these before! It's such a shame they're discontinued! It's a pretty funky looking bag
  8. Its a shame I am so behind on modern tech. I can not succeed posting a pic of my Christine. Mine is in fjord leather and its graphite color. Its great, but whenever I open and the envelope "lid" part flings open with the weight of hardware, I am now careful not to bang it into my face. Its an easy going bag without the hassle of opening and closing, but at the same time very secure. Its rather a wide bag but not bulky and chic.
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    DSC01950.jpg DSC01931.jpg
  10. Looking through Malleries earlier i saw 2 for sale there :smile:
  11. very simple Hermes very useful such a shame its been discontinued
  12. Here's a picture of me and my 36cm Christine.
    Sorry the pic is so huge!
  13. It's a nice bag, one of the classic and understated vintage styles which lend themselves to all situations/wardrobes :smile: