Christine on the way- Reassurance needed

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  1. Fellow Hermes lovers, I purchased a Christine bag yesterday on Ebay. I have been admiring these bags for some time, but the purchase was an impulse and I had hit "Buy It Now" before I realized it! There are several threads on here about the Christine but they are older threads, so I would love for some members to chime in and tell me that I made a great decision! Thank You.
  2. I love Christine! Used to own one in Barenia and toile.
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  3. LOL, it's a fun post!! I never know this, but I just googled it, and I LOVE IT, it looks so elegant and it's so Hermes, it's weird that I think that cause I have never know this bag before! tpf member always brings surprises... Did you get one in solid color or tri / bi color? Can't wait to see the reveal.
    oohhh, and it was the greatest decision!!
  4. I don't think you will regret it once you have it in your hands. :smile:
  5. Thanks, ladies. Mine is one color, orange. The color is what sold me, I have to admit.