Christine n' Me!!

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  1. I received my Christine bag and am very happy! It's easy to carry and use. The color is Potiron, I believe. Here I am shopping at Target- not very glamorous, but at least you can see Christine.

  2. It is just lovely. Larger than I had imagined. Wear it in good health.
  3. Yes, it is larger than I had thought. The width is 14.5 inches and the height is about 10 inches. It does not hold as much as many bags that size as it is relatively narrow, about 2 inches. I don't think the smaller size would have worked for me.
  4. Congrats
    So special n rare
  5. Very special and beautiful bag! :smile:
  6. congrats on the Christine! and potiron is such a unique colour too :smile:
  7. Love the bag. Congrats!
  8. very interesting can you share more pics. thank you !!!!
  9. Congratulations, I love an unusual H style and the colour of yours is great too :tup:
  10. Congratulations! Love the Christine too!
  11. Love ur christine, it's a great find and it looks great on u!!~
  12. Love your bag!
  13. Really special - didn't realize it came it different sizes.
  14. Thanks, everyone. I like that my bag is under the radar, although the silver ornament/weight does have Hermes Paris stamped on it in very large letters.
  15. Oh, one more thing, my Christine bag is the same color as my Dinah cat! (avatar pic)