Christine Centenera Style Thread

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  1. Paris stylebistro
    Spring+2015+Attendees+Aa-2msCCdP4x.jpg Spring+2015+Attendees+Khby6O1yOoFx.jpg
  2. Love the last outfit. She should stop messing with her face now.
  3. The last outfit looks a little too sloppy and baggy.
  4. harpersbazaar
  5. No Christine, NO.
  6. I quite like the jumpsuit (ha!) But it needs to be a little more tailored. It doesnt look 'oversized' it just looks too big.
  7. Oh no no to that jumpsuit.
  8. This is nice to look at but I think I would be uncomfortable wearing it because the pants would be bulky under a soft flowy dress.
  9. i wish she would stop using a sharpie to fill out her eyebrows
  10. Yes!! It looks really bad, the shape of her eyebrows is not flattering to her face either, doesn't help when she shades them so dark.
  11. Maison Martin Margiela arrivals (September 26, 2014) nowfashion
  12. Much better.
  13. nymag
  14. vogue/ collagevintage
    aq_resizer-2.jpeg Paris_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-PFW-Street_Style-Christine_Centenera-White-.jpg
  15. Lmao the eyebrow comments