Christine bag - pics

  1. This is a great shoulder bag! I've never seen it in the store. Does Hermes still offer this bag?

  2. The last time I saw one was a few months ago, so I believe it's still in production.
  3. Thanks, HG! I'll keep an eye out for it.:graucho:
  4. Does anyone have pricing info?
  5. Very nice bag
  6. It is actually a very nice and soft bag, how much, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks
  7. Nice bags. Looks like you can hold a lot
  8. Very very nice bag...
  9. I just got it as a hand me down from my mom. Its graphite and fjord with phw. Its a great bag and I am loving it. Its super easy to grab things in and out of it, the envelope flap part actually pulls itself down from the weight of phw I thought that was a clever measure. I tried to load the pic but couldn't.