Christina's concert in Shanghai

  1. I didn't go to the concert cause i have to work.
    Just post somehting I heard and read from the local media and my friends who went.
    Before the media meeting, the reporters are told that two questions can't be asked:1, don't ask her to compare herself with Britney; 2. don't ask if she is pregnant or not.
    During the concert, seems everyone is worried about her that she acts absolutely NOT like pregant. She even stand high up on the piano. She also learned to say one Chinese sentence, "Thank you Shanghai"
    Many young girls who went to the conert are so excited that they even started crying before the concert began.
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  2. more pics.
    6.jpg 7.jpg
  3. Thanks for the photos!
    Either she is or isn't pregnant she looks fabulous.
  4. What a gorgeous woman!
  5. She looks really pretty in that dress. If she is pregnant, she will be one stylish momma.
  6. I went to her show in Vancouver and she wore the same dress. She was so cute up front too, she's a very petite woman.
  7. She looks amazing and it looks like she puts on one hell of a show!
  8. She looks great in all-white. Is it just me, or are her boobs like 3 cup sizes larger in all her recent photos!?
  9. she has an incredible voice. she's come a long way.
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing and our guess would be that they are larger in the photos.
  11. There are rumors that she is pregnant, but waiting till she is 3 months to tell the public. She s Beautiful!
  12. FYI my hubby had the pleasure of assisting her on tour. He said she is very tiny...also said she is gorgeous. He said when she comes off stage she can be extremely winded and needs some oxygen. He said she really exerts herself during her performances.
  13. She is so cute!
  14. More pics!

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