Christina's Collection!

  1. This is it so far! Of course, I'm always looking to increase the collection!
    PICT0018b.jpg PICT0012b.jpg
  2. Love your coach mules
  3. Nice!
  4. nice collection - thanks 4 posting.
  5. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  6. Great collection!:woohoo:
  7. Love the Gucci hobo!
  8. Thanks so much, I actually got those with the purse to match and have only worn them once. Oh-well. I'm going on a cruise soon, maybe they can come out of the box then!
  9. Thank-You, that one's my fave! I'm working on getting the boots to match.
  10. woah!! thats a beautiful collection...
  11. i love ur Gucci hobo too!!
  12. Great collection, love the black Coach hobo!
  13. Nice Collection!
  14. Awww..... thanks girls! I'm looking at either an LV speedy 25 or papillon next. I'll post pics when it comes in!
  15. nice !