Christina shopping on Saturday

  1. Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman continue their quest for home furnishings Saturday, with a stop at Gameroom Collectibles in Encino, Calif.

    BTW. Love her bag. Anyone knows who made it?
  2. it's the balenciaga's MOON bag.
  3. Thanks Lightblue! Love this bag.
  4. yes it's pretty bag!

  6. love the bag. when is the baby due?
  7. Love the bag as well! I think she can hide her pregnancy well. She's not wearing any booby shirts or anything :p
  8. Good lord !
    She doesn't even look pregnant!
  9. ^^ I agree. I love the bag but it looks so heavy.
  10. Tbh, I don't really like the bag. But it still looks better than her and her husband put together.
  11. I like her bag and think there a cute couple :smile:
  12. She loves her some Balenciaga.
  13. I love this bag, but the color isn't quite that red from what I've seen on Balny's website.
  14. she looks great, the hat really suits her!
  15. I love Christina outfit and I wish her and husband all the best with the baby. I think they will be amazing parents. :flowers::tender::amuse::choochoo::greengrin: