Christina Milian Leaving Mr.Chow Restaurant

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  3. She looks good. I really like her outfit. Love her bag.
  4. She's cute!
  5. :tup: She has lovely Chanel (?) zippy wallet and
    cute shoes from Zara!
    I´ve got those same shoes too :yahoo:
  6. Beautiful girl!! love her outfit,shoes and bag!!:yes:
  7. She's gorgeous!

    What bag is that? Love it and the shoes :tup:
  8. she looks cute
  9. she's so cute, she's got a babyface look to her that's adorable.
  10. Wow she looks STUNNING! I love her whole head-to-toe look. It looks like she put a LOT of thought into her whole outfit and hair and makeup. Everything goes so well. I've always thought she was so gorgeous, and she has a killer body.
  11. really pretty girl, like the shoes!
  12. That is the Kooba Natasha she has.
  13. Wow, those are some HOT shoes! :drool:
  14. do you know where I can buy this bag? I've been searching everywhere for this color. Thanks.
  15. She looks so cute!