Christina Milian At House of Taylor Jewels 11/10/07

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  3. Wow she looks beautiful.
  4. I was wondering about this girl yesterday actually. I had heard that she was bankrupt and agents/managers were dropping her like hot cakes. I couldnt understand why it could be true because she can sing, write (she penned a hit for JLO) and she is so pretty. Does anyone know if all that was just rumor?

    She does look so pretty here.
  5. love the dress and the bling!
  6. loving the hair.
  7. i haven't heard the rumer about being broke but she is so beautiful
  8. Wow she is seriously beautiful..I havent heard anything about her being bankrupt, I hope she isnt. But didnt she release an album that didnt sell a few months-yr ago?? Perhaps her record label dropped her? Just an assumption
  9. gorgeous color on her!
  10. She looks really good. Love her hair and her make-up.
  11. She looks completely GORGEOUS. Such a natural beauty! Love her whole look from her dress and jewelry to the makeup and hair!
  12. She's pretty.