Christina Milian At A Gas Station

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  2. she looks so cute and those shoes are to die for
  3. Pretty. And yes those shoes are hot.
  4. She is just way too cute!
  5. Wow! Haven't seen her around in awhile! she looks cute!
  6. What is she known for? She's cute, love her shoes.
  7. ^Singing and acting.

    She looks FANTASTIC.
  8. cute
  9. I have always thought she was very cute and I like her music too
  10. She's super cute. But, the thought that occurs to me is how crazy stupid is it that you have to look this awesome just to pump GAS?!!?
  11. As someone else said, she's known for singing and acting. Her two best-known hits are AM to PM and Dip It Low.

    She was also in movies such as Be Cool and Man of the House.

    She looks so cute, and I applaud her for being able to pump her own gas in an outfit like that!
  12. She's a very pretty girl.
  13. she looks very cute.
  14. Do you think she could be on her way somewhere? Does anyone leave their house just to pump gas?
  15. I'm sorry, but since I saw her in 'Be cool' I can't stand her.