christina in glamour

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    she is really glamour:heart: i love christina :love:
  2. She is really beautiful
  3. Love her, she always did look beautiful. :smile:
  4. OT: itsabagslife- I love your picture of you sleeping dog but he makes me want to curl up in bed! LOL

  5. Your dog is just addorable!! I would just climb in with him!

    Oh yeah Xtina is glamourous now not "dirty" good for her.
  6. Love her!
  7. It is amazing how she makes a jeans, tshirt and a zip up hoodie look sexy. i am so jealous!!
  8. ^^^ita!
  9. EEEWWWW.... i never get to like this girl... she looks dull
  10. Always sooo gorgeous!
  11. I like her style. And she's got a voice that puts the other young singers (Britney, Jessica, etc.) to shame.
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. She looks great! I really like her hair now that she's started wearing it down again.
  14. She looks sooo pretty on the cover!
  15. She looks beautiful! I love how much classier and stylish she is these days. And nice and curvy!