Christina Grimmie

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  1. Such sad news to wake up to.. At 22 years old, Christina was shot dead last night at her concert in Orlando..
  2. I didn't watch the Voice but it's still such a shame. RIP Christina.
  3. Omg! I loved her on The Voice! She got 3rd, I voted every week for her to win....this hurts my heart. 22 years old, doing what she loved...why does there have to be so much evil in this world?
  4. I was shocked to read this when I got up today. So sad.
  5. that's a shame
    she's wasn't even a celeb but she apparently had a stalker
  6. This is awful. She's famous enough to be known and fixated on but not famous or rich enough for a security team. Her poor brother. I can't imagine the shock and grief her family and friends are going through.
  7. That is so sad.
  8. So incredibly sad. She died in front of her brother and fans. Thankfully the brother tackled the idiot
  9. You dont need to be celeb to get a stalker
  10. I haven't been to a concert in decades so I'm just wondering how he got in with all that amo. Such a tragedy...
  11. Where she performed is a small place and they don't have metal detectors just people checking bags
  12. This is such a senseless tragedy. So sad.
  13. I think i read in an article that he just brought in a handgun into the concert venue with the rest of the weapons/ammo in his car