Christina goes to a hockey game

  1. Christina took a break from her tour to take in a hockey game. The pop star performed in the venue the night before but this time she was a spectator watching the Vancouver Canucks lose to the Minnesota Wild. Christina sported her toned down red lips and a casual bundled up attire.
    Christina.jpg Christina_2.jpg Christina_3.jpg Christina_4.jpg Christina_5.jpg
  2. She looks gorgeous, I love her!
    Thanx for the pics!
  3. Love christina!! I would love to go to a live hockey game!
  4. I love her much more than I did 4 or 5 years ago.......
  5. She is such a gorgeous woman.... is it just my perception or does it seem like as the pics progess she gets more bored?
  6. She has her hair done for a hockey game!! Wow! But she is very cute.
  7. I think she's amazingly talented....but I suspect she's one of those people that looks MUCH different (and much worse) without all that makeup on.
  8. She looks great here.
  9. I love her yellow hair and frosty pink lips.:nuts:
  10. she looks great
  11. She looks good :smile:
  12. I don't care for these pics of her.
  13. She looks really nice here!
  14. I was at her concert (in Vancouver) AND the hockey game!! :p
    I'm so depressed the Canucks lost though....... sniff
    **Sorry to all you people who don't share the hockey interest with me** :p
  15. She's always beautiful!