Christina, enough already!

  1. Anyone else find her campy, wide-open-mouthed, arched-eyebrowed, heel-kicky pseudo-pin-up girl poses a wee bit annoying? It just ain't cute anymore, IMO. She's carrying this whole blonde bombshell thing too far.
  2. Nah, not really. She was so out there for so long and now that she's married, she cleaned up her act and looks nice now IMO.
    Better than her MMC counterpart, Britney lol.
  3. Sorry, I LOVE the new Christina look (well,not so new) and I think she wears the blonde bombshell look better than anyone has in a long while. She's stunning!
  4. OMG! i hate her...
    she's nothing but copycats too me all through her career.
  5. It's great that she doesn't wear those rubber chaps anymore. But I DO agree that her style isn't that good. She looks very fake, too done. I hope that one day she'll realize the power of natural beauty!
  6. I like her, but to me it seems like she is trying to hard! You know, like it is really not her.
  7. I agree...I love the whole fifties bombshell look. I read one of her interviews recently (I think it was in Glamour?) in which she said that her whole appearance/image is for the public. Like its her job to dress and look the part and that even wearing her trademark red lipstick is just part of her job as a performer/public image...Does that make sense? Lol. She seems very commited to her job. :smile:
    I like her look because it is so different and she incorporates that whole vintagey fifties look and feel in both her appearance and music...I just love how glamourous and feminine that whole era was. And I adore the music (Sinatra is my absolute favorite!). Plus she is a true talent...that girl can really sing! I love her music... :smile:
    Just my humble opinion. :smile:
  8. it feels pretty darn contrived at this point....

    just doesnt feel like she's got her own, REAL style/look/presence when she looks like a cartoon of a 50's pinup 100% of the time...
  9. I think she looks fabulous!
  10. I don't really care. Take away the look and she's still very talented.
  11. ITA!

    I think she looks fabulous, waaaay better than her 'Dirrty' days and her voice rocks!
  12. ^Agreed! She's just a poser-a pure diva. Perhaps she's terrified of bad publicity?
  13. I think Christina is a HUGE talent and I prefer looking at her in all her "get up" than have to suffer through Britney while she goes through her trailer-trash period...........please. I'll take Christina any day..................
  14. She drives me crazy...I watch her and I want to umm......kick her in the ass!!LOL
  15. I love everything about her! Her look and her singing! When she sang that James Brown song last night - I GOT CHILLS! She's, IMO, the most talented singer out right now. So soulful.