Christina at Fashion Rocks Red Carpet

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  1. she looks beautiful:nuts: :nuts:
    christinafashionrocks.jpg christinafashionrocks2.jpg christinafashionrocks3.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. hmm i dont like her dress
  4. She's Gorgeous...but I'm not 100% liking the dress either.
  5. I've never understood the whole Christina thing....I do not find her good looking in the least and think she dresses completely trashy 99% of the time.

  6. Her boobs look weird in the second pic? Is it just me? Did she get a boob job or what:shrugs: ? Also, I think she looks a little manly in the first & sec pics.

    I think her style can be very hit or miss at times. With the dress, not a big fan. Looks kinda cheap to me, but yet it totally looks like something she would wear.
  7. Love the hair, makeup, that smokin body, but not the dress. At least she can sing though!!
  8. I think the whole Marilyn Monroe look for her is getting old! I mean we get it, you're trying to look like her! She should try to develop her own style/look!:confused1:
  9. Love the face, she's gorgeous (nice skin, too) but don't care for the dress
  10. Pretty face!
  11. I completely agree or as they say in England 'common as muck'.
    Sorry Christina fans....
  12. She's stunning but the dress seems unfinished or something. I wish it wasn't see through at the bottom.
  13. Thats how I feel. I think she looks pretty but the see through part makes the dress look a little trashy IMHO.
  14. I like the whole retro-Hollywood look on her MUCH better than her previous sexy schoolgirl look but I think she's taken it a little too she always looks like she's in a screen siren halloween costume instead of just being herself. She's not naturally beautiful either, too bad The whole Harlow look has become a little worn-out and contrived on her.
  15. Hmmm...I wish the dress was just a mini-dress or something. Either no see-through material or no material at all. She's beautiful though.
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