Christina Arrives at the Ivy

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks hot. I just think that dress and color is a bit more spring. Even if it is HOT outside it's still Winter. LOL
  3. she looks like gwen stefani... and i'm the only one who think that her head and hair is too big for her body? but in this angle she looks quite nice.
  4. yeah she looks like gwen stefani.. :confused1:
  5. ^ditto.
  6. Not quite the Christina of a few years back..........:yes:
  7. enough with the red lipstick and bleached hair!!!!!!!!
  8. She looks FABULOUS!!!:love:
  9. ah I love her! She looks great!
  10. She looks awesome!
  11. She looks great, and I am not even a fan.
  12. She looks about as happy as a sad clown.
    I do wish she'd tone down that lipstick a little, but she's a bombshell still.
  13. Lookin Jazzy 'n classy....AS ALWAYS!
  14. She looks good.
  15. What a cutie!