Christina Applegate wearing GST!

  1. Watching the new show Samantha Who? and Christina Applegate's character is wearing a black GST!

    Sorry don't know how to post pics from TV.
  2. cool!, i meant to watch that show......
  3. Is she wearing the silver hardware or the gold hardware?
  4. how funny...I am watching that show right now! hahaha :nuts:
  5. Funny show:yes:...she had it in silver hardware and the GST looked rather flat.
  6. Saw that too!
  7. It didn't look right?? tv shows are known for using fakes:wtf:
  8. I saw it!! I thought it may be fake too.
  9. Don't think so.
    The doorman, who is her only link to her real past on the show made a comment about Coco Chanel in the scene she first had the bag. I think it was product placement. I noticed the bag in a promo for the show, also. Since I own the bag I was happy to see it on the show.
  10. Hi Judy! Will you post a pic please!I'm dying to see it !TIA!
  11. I might be wrong, since I am not a Chanel expert, but I just assumed from the shape and straps/chain in a close-up that it was a GST like mine. If it is not a GST, then I totally apologize for my error. Here's a photo of my bordeaux GST --
  12. Thanks so much Judy!and congrats on such a beautiful colour!:drool::heart:
    IMO your GST should be the normal one but I don't have a clue either if they release it in an E/W size now,and I'm not referring to the timeless tote since as said, the chains were attached to a leather handle!I guess we'll have to wait and see if they release something like the girls described above!:confused1:Thanks again!