Christina Applegate Hanes Commercial Bag?

  1. Christina Applegate's Handbag in the Hanes Commercial is so cute, is it a Kooba? I got these photos from the Hanes website, but its much clearer on the telly... anyone have a clue? Thanks!!
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. I'm not sure, but it is so cute! With the "O" rings on the handles, it looks like a Frye handbag, but I haven't seen it anywhere.
  3. DKNY_hobo.jpg
  4. hehe yup! ive seen that in elux and i adore the color on it. :smile:
  5. Really cute bag! =)
  6. woo hoo!! thanks for finding that!! Its about to become mine.. :yahoo:
  7. I have allllmost bought this exact bag from elux so many times. The price is amazing. But, I already have so many hobo bags, I know I'd end up neglecting it. It is gorgeous though!
  8. i seen the commercial for the 1st time & love the bag... thanks for finding it.....going to order it now!