Christina Aguilera's GORGEOUS shoes

  1. who makes them??? :confused1:
  2. Very sexy. I hope someone knows this.
  3. I LOVE those shoes! Hmmm, Christina is nearly always decked out in Louboutin's that I was almost ready to scream CL's as soon as I saw this thread (before even looking at the photo)....but from the photos they are not CL's. They *might* be Pierre Hardy's....not sure but that's what my sixth sense is hinting at right now. I'll have to do some further investigation to find out.
  4. I thought they looked like a pair of Beverly Feldman shoes I saw.
  5. oooh whoever they are, me likey :biggrin:

    gorgeous shoes :smile:
  6. I loove Christina!

    The shoes she's wearing here are pretty hot too!!She looks amazing!
  7. ^^^the leopard pair are definitely Louboutin. I don't know about the first pair.
  8. she's known for wearing louboutins most of the time.
  9. Ooooo v.v nice.
  10. Very nice shoes.
  11. I love her! And the fact that she has great taste in shoes just tops it off:smile:
  12. That girl really has found her style, she looks great
  13. love those shoes,nicest shoes i have seen in a while..
  14. I'm surprised those are not CL. I love her current style. Her CL and B bag collections are TDF!
  15. Dang it! Does anybody know?? I think most of us girls here are desperate to grab a pair! :woohoo: