Christina Aguilera

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I'm glad she seems to be over her 'dressing like a tramp' phase.
  3. Me too!
    Kinda like hers shoes in these pics...
  4. She looks really slim!
  5. She's a beautiful girl..I am glad she cleaned up her closet and has normal hairdo
  6. I like her new look. Maybe it's married life that's bringing her to her senses. Or maybe she's seen what's happening to Britney and decided to snap back into line! I think she looks great.
  7. I think everyone goes through a rebellious stage....She looks fab!
  8. I think she has been looking so good the past year plus. Soooo much better than whatever stage it was she had gone through prior to cleaning up nicely!! I love her CL platforms in these pics too. I saw her once at Fred Segal on Melrose (after she hit it big but before she was in that 'nasty' stage) .... she was a tiny, little thing!
  9. Wow I love that look- seems like many celebs are pulling that look now
  10. Agree. She, Avril L, Ashley Simpson have evolved quite a bit, they all look good now.
  11. look at the last pic, is that real? that fake tan is horrible.

    i always love her shoes though!
  12. Is her caps authentic? She looks much better now without all the make-up though.
  13. Love the shoes and shirt!
  14. I think she looks gorgeous!
  15. She looks great! Can't wait for the new CD!