Christina Aguilera...

  1. Wow! Did you see Christina Aguilera's pics for GQ magazine??? They're scandalous! But she looks gooooood!
  2. Not yet but I can't wait to!
  3. Ho ho ho!!!!!
  4. You can view them at I would post them here but I think they may be a little too graphic...don't want to offend anyone!
  5. did she get implants?
  6. Her style is a bit much but I think she looks good.
  7. least she looks better than the half naked picture she posed for when she did the cover of rolling stone a couple of years ago. I like her hair better now too, she looks Marilyn Monroe-ish lol
  8. mamamia....
    well, yesterday I read on an article that she's a little bit 'irritated' for wearing too much clothes on....
    now I see why...
  9. holy moly! i saw those pictures- they are scandalous but she looks really fantastic!
  10. she looks fab! i wonder if she's au natural~curious....
  11. :shocked: :blink: wtff ?
  12. i think she's gorgeous! her body is amazing!
    She looks so much better NOT being stick thin! LOVELY!
  14. I don't think her boobs are real..

    She does look good though.
  15. I Love Her!