Christina Aguilera with her Mom on Mothers Day at the Ivy

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  1. xtina1.jpg



  2. She looks great, makes a nice change to see her dressed down!
  3. I love her ! Those glasses make her look like a beetle though !
  4. She's cute!
  5. She looks great, and not as orange as usual. Her hair looks good pulled up and casual.
  6. Happy Mother's day to her mom!
  7. Wow I love her outfit - she looks so cute!
  8. Love her!
  9. I think she looks great with her hair pulled up like this. Nice sunglasses.
    Thanks for sharing!
  10. She looks cute here... probably because I cannot see any orange tanner covering her body.
  11. Wow, she looks so beautiful! I like her much better w/o all the red lipstick and makeup. Love her hair pulled back like that also! How sweet to talk her mother out for Mother's Day!
  12. I've never seen her in flip-flops! she always looks great. How nice that she and her mom got to celebrate Mother's Day.
  13. I remember watching the Grammy years ago when she won 'Best New Artist'. She mouthed, "Mommy!" on her way to the stage.
  14. She's so cute! I think it's great that she's close to her momma!
  15. shes gorg here.