Christina Aguilera with her family on Memorial Day

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  2. i love her shoes and jacket!
  3. She looks hot, i love her shoes and jacket too, oh and her bag!
  4. Nice pics :smile:
    she's always dressed so nice
  5. Cute!
  6. I love her! She's so beautiful and that baby!! So cute.
  7. She looks stunning as usual! :biggrin:
  8. GORGEOUS, as usual. I love her, her fashion sense is fabulous, cute shoes, cute bag, cute everything lol!
    Thanks for posting.
  9. She looks fabulous as always - very classy and elegant
  10. Lovely outfit. She looks great and sooo cute with that baby!
  11. dats my girl :wlae:
  12. She looks cute!
  13. she looks pretty, love her bag.
  14. She looks great. Love her outfit :smile:
  15. Love her outfit!