Christina Aguilera shopping in Beverly Hills on Tuesday

  1. Pregnant popstar Christina Aguilera, 26, walks back to her car after shopping in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. She and husband Jordan Bratman, 30, expect their baby the first week of January.
    christinaaguilera46334.jpg christinaaguilera46335.jpg christinaaguilera46336.jpg christinaaguilera46337.jpg christinaaguilera46339_cbb.jpg
  2. One more
  3. She looks sooo cute in these pics. I love her entire outfit.
  4. She looks good.
  5. Very cute, love the bbag & red flats.
  6. She looks great!
  7. She looks great! I love Christina!!
  8. I like her this way a lot better she looks way classy! The outfit is so cute too!! I cant wait to see what her baby looks like.
  9. She looks amazing!
  10. love her casual looks..she looks great here!!
  11. She looks amazing. I love that lacey top, it is so pretty!
  12. she looks really nice.
  13. I love her hat!
  14. I love her, she looks amazing!!
  15. She's gorgeous.