Christina Aguilera shopping at Petit Tresor

  1. Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, and her husband Jordan Bratman were spotted arriving at Petit Tresor on Monday -- perhaps choosing more items for their baby-to-be's registry, as they did on Saturday at Bel Bambini. The couple know the sex of the baby, but are not sharing.
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  2. gorgeous, thanks for posting!
  3. Don't like the way she looks here, but I do like her bag!
  4. hate the hat! the rest of the outfit is cute. love her shoes! i think the bag is marc jacobs
  5. I love her. I don't get how celebs can wear heals when they're pregnant!
  6. Love her!
    She must really love that Marc Jacobs bag - I often see her in photos with it.
  7. Not liking the hat either, but her bag is gorgeous!
  8. More pics
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg
  9. she looks very cute.
  10. She look so cute, beautiful!
  11. Not too keen on the weird hat but she looks cute otherwise. And yes, I also don't understand how celebs rock their high heels while pregnant.
  12. ^^ I don't get it either ... but I'm guilty: I love seeing pregnant women in heels.

    *runs away to hide*
  13. I have a slow connection & can't open the bigger pics ... can someone ID her shoes for me?

  14. Louboutin's
  15. She looks cute minus the hat.