Christina Aguilera Shopping At Bel Bambini

  1. aww she is buying a bugaboo....!
  2. She looks great, but that make-up is awful, it really has to go! Apart from this she's one hot mom-to-be.
    So, a pink stroller... is it gonna be a girl?
  3. She is beautiful, and I like her look with that pinkish lipstick rather than the bright, bright red you always see her with.
  4. She looks stunning. Love her scarf & McQueen top!
  5. I didn't use to like her, but now that she's waaay more ladylike, I think she's beautiful and adorable! She'll be a great, gorgeous and stylish mommy!
  6. That is going to be one lucky baby.
  7. Actually, compared to the way I've seen her before, she was having a good makeup day on this day.
  8. I don't get why she's staying mum about the pregnancy, if you're a celebrity and have paparazzi following you around everywhere (including stores like this) AND have a growing belly bump I would think you'd want people to be excited for you!!! Maybe I don't get it b/c I'm not a celebrity.
  9. ^^
    good point, since Paris Hilton announced it and all...
  10. I don't think that's it - I just think she doesn't talk about it because it's not really a public issue nor is it a public concern. She hasn't denied it but if she doesn't talk about it, it's the most privacy she could possibly get.

    I love her!
  11. love her!
  12. Christina Aguilera Sets Up Her Baby Registry

    A shopping spree in West Hollywood is nothing unusual for Christina Aguilera. But this excursion early Saturday evening was a first for the singer.

    With her husband Jordan Bratman, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law in tow, Aguilera spent two hours picking out items for her baby registry at the posh Robertson Boulevard boutique Bel Bambini.

    "She looked beautiful," says store sales employee Crysta Smith about the singer, who wore a long black skirt and a cotton jacket. "She had a little bump. She said she was so excited [to have a baby]."

    Aguilera, who has never officially confirmed her pregnancy, told the staff that she was expecting – and revealed the gender of her baby, but asked to keep it private.

    With the help of her in-laws, the couple picked out a selection of items for her upcoming baby shower, including blankets, diaper bags, bottles and clothing.

    "They registered for all the accessories," says Smith. "They were both picking out things together."
  13. She´s so cute!
  14. i was thinking the same thing!

    with regards to the pink pram, i hope she does have a girl, she would dress it so cute!